What is Upadeshak

Upadeshak is the platform which delivers Career Resources for School and College Students. Upadeshak offers career education & guidance in Schools and industry-based programs to College Students.

Who is Upadeshak

Upadeshak word is taken from the “Bhagavad Gita” which means The Preacher or The Person who guides. Upadeshak word justifies what we are doing, so every person who works with us is Upadeshak and every Upadeshak is here to serve career aspirants..

Our Vision

Upadeshak believes in the idea of "One Stop Career Solutions". We will work with the Students from the School Level to the College level so as to provide the best Career Guidance to bring best results thereafter. Upadeshak aims to work with all Schools & Colleges of India, so that career driven education must be implemented.

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