Civil Engineering

Civil engineering is the study of design, construction, and maintenance of structures built by human such as roads, bridges, tower, flyovers, etc. Civil Engineers are deployed in different career axis which implies they have good opportunities in private jobs as well as in Government jobs.



  • B. Tech CE is a 4-year undergraduate engineering course on practical and theoretical knowledge of Physics.

  • The minimum eligibility for this course requires passing class 12th/ Higher Secondary Examination in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and English with a minimum of 65% marks.

  • A student must know the current placement trends in various engineering colleges and hiring trends in Industry.


  • Every year thousands of students take admission in Civil engineering in various engineering colleges.

  • Civil Engineers have huge opportunities all over the globe as the public infrastructures will keep on building.

  • As No. of civil engineers in India is fewer comparatives to other branches so faces less competition and pay is also good.


Job Opportunities-

  • It will be pretty good if Students get job offers while placements in Colleges.

  • The Salary range is 3 to 15 lakhs per annum.

  • The Average Salary for a CE is 3 to 4 lakhs per annum.


Future Scope-

  • CE can go for M. Tech & MBA.

  • CE can go for different government positions.

  • CE can go for Research & Development.

  • CE can go for UPSC.

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