Mechanical Engineering

Mechanical Engineering is a branch of Engineering which deals with Designing, manufacturing & Reshaping object so that It can become fit for sale in Market. Mechanical Engineers are the people behind every machine which make use of energy, motion, displacement, etc. Mechanical engineering combines creativity, knowledge and analytical tools to complete the difficult task of shaping an idea into reality.



  • B. Tech Mechanical Engineering is a 4-year undergraduate engineering course on practical and theoretical knowledge of Physics & Mathematics.

  • The minimum eligibility for this course requires passing class 12th/ Higher Secondary Examination in Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics with a minimum of 70% marks.

  • Many Mechanical Companies requires more than 65% in 10 and 10+2.

  • While Selecting a Mechanical Engineering Student should have a good knowledge of Physics.

  • Mechanical Engineer is the new trend in Indian Market so capitalizing this opportunity will be helpful.



  • Every year millions of Students take Mechanical Engineering & it is regarded as Second favorite choice for Engineers.

  • Mechanical Industry is finding the correct candidate on the basis of academic performance, skills & personality.

  • Manufacturing industries are less in India, therefore, raising less demand for people in India.

  • Outside India, there is a very high demand for Mechanical Engineers.


Job Opportunities-

  • In India, Around 100-150 Mechanical Companies recruit engineers from different Engineering colleges.

  • The Annual Salary Package varies from 30 K to 15 Lakhs.

  • The Average Package for Mechanical branch is 2.5 – 3 Lakhs per annum.


Future Scope-

  • Production - There are quite a few manufacturing industries who take mechanical engineers for production.

  • Designing - You can very well go towards the designing route and be placed in top companies like Rolls Royce.

  • Software related - There's a lot of demand for mechanical engineers who know software like CREO, ANSYS any many more.

  • Research field - Mechanical Engineers can go for Research & Development.

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