Mechatronics Engineering

It is a multidisciplinary branch of engineering that is a mixture of electrical and mechanical engineering. It also focuses on robotics, electronics, computer, telecommunications, system, control, and product engineering. The field was named initially only because of the reason that it was a combination of mechanics and electronics, but the field itself became a major slowly after a few years of research works and advancements. Mechatronics engineering generally acts as the bridge that connects technicians and engineers. It is basically working from origination of the project to the culmination of the undertaking. Mechatronics engineers also work with the development, design, and testing of the electrical and electronic equipment. The career opportunities for mechatronics engineers are huge in Electronics or Mechanics manufacturing industries and the field of implementing, designing and operating internet control of machines, engine management systems, and autonomous robots. These are some fields that demand a lot of expertise and accuracy.


B.Tech/B.E: One must pass 10+2 or equivalent in Science branch (PCM/B). Top private universities look for at least a 50% average in PCM + English. To get into an IIT or top-ranked NIT, JEE and JEE Advanced score is evaluated. Other government institutes and lower ranked NIT assess JEE marks. The course is generally of 4 years with 8 semesters. There are a lot of colleges, especially in northern India, who offer bachelor degree for this course.

M.Tech/M.E: One must complete B.Tech or B.E to pursue Masters in this course. The course is generally 2 years. GATE scores are evaluated by top institutes for the admission. One can pursue a master’s degree in production and Industrial Engineering after completing bachelors as a mechanical, civil or automobile student


Ph.D.: Another 2 years course after your masters will earn you a doctorate in the field. Of course, completion of master’s is necessary before you opt for Ph.D. else there are institutes like IITs and NITs who offer integrated courses for masters and doctorate.



There is a wide variety of career openings in Mechatronics Engineering in India. It includes the principles of mechanics, electrical and software engineering. It is used to expand the integration of these three streams into a production process.  It takes the principles of mechanics, electronics and computing a design a basic and more economical system.

Mechatronics engineers are known to be expert technicians and professional engineers who design and maintain automated equipment. Technicians and engineers directed their work in offices, laboratories, or on-site at manufacturing plants. These experts work toward the same goal of producing efficient and safe automated equipment. While technicians generally maintain machinery, engineers take care of the design and development of components and gadgets.


Future Scope- 

After finishing of B.E. in Mechatronics course, candidates may get job offers with decent to very good packages in I.T sectors or other reputed private firms dealing with mechanics and electrical. Candidates may get job offers in government sectors as well.


•    Researcher

•    Supervisor

•    Robotics Test Engineer

•    Robotics Technician

•    Senior Robotics Specialist

•    Robotics System Engineer

•    Application Engineering

•    R&D Executive

•    Project Engineer

•    Application Engineer

•    Sales & Application Engineer

There are many companies in the IT- sector and other firms that need Mechatronics engineers. They can work with the principles of mechanics, electrical and computers to put together and maintain the automated systems and gadgets. Some of the companies well known for hiring mechatronics engineers are as follows: 

•    Luna Bearings

•    Startup-Tonbo Imaging

•    Green Thumbs

•    Schlumberger



The average salary for a bachelor graduate is 3 lpa to 10 lpa.

Top Institutes-

•    IIT-Patna

•    IIT Madras

•    Vellore Institute of Technology-Vellore

•    NIT Karnataka

•    Indian Institute of Engineering Science and Technology- Shibpur

•    Sastra University- Thanjavur

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