Robotics Engineering

A specialized branch of mechanical engineering that deals with automation led to robotic engineering. robotic engineering refers to the design, test, and building of robots.  Robots are used for various purposes. Robots are used to do work in the industry in place of humans. A single robot can do the job of several men in the same period of time. Robots are also built to do the task that humans cannot. These find use in nuclear plants, outer space research study, etc.

Automated frameworks frequently require upgrade and adjustment for new use. Mechanical technology Engineers are at the bleeding edge of R&D. A few scientists work in the scholarly community, employing delicate abilities in basic reasoning, investigation, and correspondence to educate others.



Robotics is a very interesting and happening course. It is maybe costlier than other mainstream branches given that it requires heavy machinery and hi-tech lab equipment. So institutes that offer this course are pretty selective.

• 12th or equivalent pass with minimum 60% aggregate in PCM/B, for bachelors.

• For IIT's, very good JEE mains and JEE advanced scores are required, is one of the latest fields of engineering

• A good score in JEE can get you into decent NITs as well



Computer-aided design and drafting is a computerized way to generate a blueprint of working parts and to predict the movement of machinery.

Collaborative Robots-

collaborative robots will pick up a ton of footing in the assembling division. Rather than taking over current representatives, these machines work close by their human partners to uplift profitability and increment productivity. Although most applications including collaborative (robots) are found in assembling, they have significant uses in different enterprises, as well. Potential uses incorporate undertakings in sustenance planning, customer bundling, medicinal services and that's only the tip of the iceberg.


Job Opportunities-

It is a wide land of opportunities for robotic engineers They can opt for R&D or choose to work in the industry for manufacturing robots, servicing, operating or even heading the robotic assembly.

The pay for a graduate in a core company ranges from 60,000 – 1,00,000 per month for a fresher. It is higher than other engineering jobs given the complication and precision required in the job.


Top Institutes-

IIT Delhi

IIT Madras

IIT Kharagpur

IIT Bombay

NIT Trichy

Jadavpur University

Birla Institute of Technology and Science

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