Software Engineering

Software Engineering is the branch of Engineering which involves planning, designing, coding, implementing and testing applications and software. Software Engineering is co-related with Computer Science Engineering as it uses some of its concepts. Software engineering is the field of high opportunities as the world is transforming and everyone is demanding a personalized way of operating their services.


  • B. Tech Software Engineering is a 4-year undergraduate engineering course on practical and theoretical knowledge of computer hardware and software.

  • The minimum eligibility for this course requires passing class 12th/ Higher Secondary Examination in Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and English with a minimum of 75% marks.

  • Most of the Companies requires a minimum 70% score in 10 and 10+2. If you fail to score that much then there is a strong suggestion to do not opt Software.

  • While Selecting Software Engineering Student should have some knowledge of Designing & Coding.



  • Software Engineering is not one of the trending fields as there are lakhs of engineers with B. Tech degree and with little programming skills calling themselves Software Engineers.

  • There was a time when Software was the hot topic and everyone rushed toward becoming Software Engineers which resulted in no more opportunities.

  • In spite of less trend software engineering is still pursued by many engineers.


       Trend-1: JavaScript

       Trend-2: Serverless Architecture and Microservices

       Trend-3: DevOps First

       Trend-4: Automated Testing

       Trend-5: Hybrid Architectures

       Trend-6: Cloud Agnosticism


Job Opportunities-

  • Software Engineering is the field of Opportunities where the skill set matters the most.

  • There are more than 500 IT companies which recruit Software Engineers from different engineering colleges.

  • The Annual Salary package varies from 1 lakh 1 crore.

  • The Average Package for Software Engineer is 4 to 4.5 Lakhs per annum.


Future Scope-

  • Software Engineers can go for M. Tech & MBA.

  • Software Engineers can go for different government positions.

  • Software Engineers can go for Research & Development.

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