An internship is in other words known as Pre-placement training. An internship is considered very important for a student studying professional courses. The internship has been made compulsory by AICTE in 2018 as it gains experience to engineering students which helps them to understand job culture. Duration for Internships are not fixed, it is decided by companies. During Internships Companies assign responsibilities to interns which they have to complete, some responsibilities are a day to day work, weekly work or monthly work but every work has to be done in a proper way. After completion of internship duration Internships certificates are awarded to students.



  • Academic Performance needs to be above 7.5 GPA.

  • Must have required technical skills.

  • Personality (Attitude, Communication skills) has to well-shaped.

  • Smart work is appreciated.



  • Paid-

 In Paid Internships, companies pay for the work done by interns. Companies sometimes cut the stipend in case an intern fails to complete all responsibilities.


  • Unpaid-

 In Unpaid Internships, companies do not offer any stipend to students whereas they award with internship certificate after the duration is over.


Merits & Demerits-

  • An internship provides a good experience of working in competitive job environment. It also helps to develop skills which will be using a job period. An internship allows using your skills which will validate your knowledge and skill level.

  • Sometimes training institutes lure the students by offering technical training in the name of internship and they also ask fee for this. Internships are very hard to get as companies give more priorities to references given by their employees. Some internships are work from home or volunteers which do not give so much experience.

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