Project is the practical way of implementing technical skills to develop or modify an application, electronic instrument, website, machine, etc. Projects are part of the Academic Curriculum as colleges want their student to enhance their technical knowledge which will be very fruitful and helpful in their career.

Types of Projects-


Minor Projects are done before the fourth year of graduation. Minor projects contain some credits in the Academic Curriculum. College stress on projects to guide student’s interest in research and development works, starting from the second year of graduation helps them to step by step learn so many innovative things.


Major projects are done in the Fourth year of graduation. Major projects contribute a lot to the resume of the student as every company ask about prior work experiences and projects. Innovative projects show that you are good in a technical field and every company wants those skillful students.

Merits & Demerits-

Projects are like opportunities which give you a chance to learn more and more about different domains. Projects enhance your technical skills. On the basis of the Nice project work, many companies offer a high salary package.

It is evident that every engineer is not hard working and skillful so, they do not take interest in making a project whereas they buy it or copy other’s content and make one, or fails to do. Projects are done in a team and everyone does not contribute and hence the hard-working student has to take charge for everything.

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